The purpose of this compact is to promote effective prevention’ and control of forest fires in the South Central region of the United States by the development of integrated forest fire plans, by the maintenance of adequate forest fire fighting services by the member states, by providing for mutual aid in fighting forest fires among the compacting states of the region and with states in which are party to other Regional Forest Fire Protection compacts or agreements and for more adequate forest.

This compact shall become operative immediately as to those states ratifying it whenever any two or more of the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas which are contiguous have ratified it and Congress has given consent thereto. Any state not mentioned in this article which is contiguous with any member state may become a party to this compact, subject to approval by the legislature of each of the member states.

South Central Fire Compact Chair

Jim Prevette

Fire Director, Southern Group of State Foresters

2417 Chickamauga Drive
Apex, NC 27539


The following are the member states of the South Central Forest Fire Compact. Click each flag (below) to visit the state’s forest fire website.