As a result of 5 years of drought starting in 2000, and a need for the Great Plains states to better share resources and information during peak fire season, the Great Plains Interstate Fire Compact was formed.  The first three states to join the compact were Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming.  Their legislatures passed enabling legislation during the 2006 sessions.  Fire compact member states will include Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.  Compact member states have air assets, engines, handcrews, dozers and an incident management team available to assist each other.

Great Plains Fire Compact Chair

Anthony Schultz

Cooperative Fire Protection Manager

916 E. Interstate Ave #4
Bismarck, ND 58503
Tel:  (701) 328-9916 


 The following are the member states and providences of the Great Plains Forest Fire Compact. Click each flag (below) to visit the state’s forest fire website.