The Alliance of Forest Fire Compacts

A consortium of the eight existing forest fire compacts representing 43 states and all of Canada except one province and one territory. The first Interstate Forest Fire Compact was established by Congress in 1949 to promote effective prevention and control of forest fires in the Northeastern Region of the United States. In 1952, Congress approved the addition of Canadian provinces & territories that were interested in international mutual aid.

The Purpose of the Alliance of Forest Fire Compacts

Establishes a more formal partnership among the compacts so that common issues can be addressed for the good of all compacts rather than as separate and individual initiatives. Forest fire compacts facilitate the sharing and coordination of information, prevention efforts, training, fire management knowledge, lessons learned, and resources.

AFFC Officers

Gail Kantak

Chair of AFFC

Member of the Big Rivers Forest Fire Management Compact

Trent Marty

Vice Chair of AFFC

Member of the Great Lakes Forest Fire Protection Compact

Anthony Schultz

Past Chair of AFFC

Member of the Great Plains Forest Fire Protection Compact

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