Bar Harbor, ME

The annual Alliance of Forest Fire Compacts (AFFC) meeting took place in Bar Harbor, ME on October 6-7. There were thirty-four attendees representing all 8 Forest Fire Compacts and several member states, the USDA-USFS State and Private Forestry, the NPS, CIFC, aviation product consultants, and other federal members holding board positions within compacts. It marked the largest turnout for an AFFC meeting to date and facilitated great discussion over various topics including resource exchange liability, AASHTO concerns, and the creation of the AFFC Website. Attendees were also able to take a look at the fire that was the impetus for the creation of forest fire compacts, insert fire name here. The field tour stimulated provoking discussion between Fire Managers over fire suppression capability in the past, where suppression capabilities are currently and where Fire Managers across the nation would like fire suppression capability between compacts to be in the future.